These Top Selling Laptop Sleeves With Handles Keep Your Tech Safe

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After you've made the decision to buy a new laptop, there are some accessories you really should get if you plan on taking it with you to school or work.

One easy way to protect your laptop against scratches and dust is to keep it in a sleeve that zips up and fully encloses the laptop.

You can get a simple neoprene sleeve like the one below

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Or you can get something a bit more fancy with pockets, handles and straps for easy carry.

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Today i'll show you the best selling, top rated laptop sleeves that are chock full of features and all have a handle or strap for easy carry.

Arvok Water Resistant Sleeve With Pocket And Handle

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What it fits: Four sizes available – 11.6″, 13,3″, 15.6″ and 17″  (choose your closest screen size)

The outer material on this laptop sleeve is water resistant – some thing I'm soooo glad to have when I (gently) stuff my laptop into my backpack and head out the door.

What happens to your laptop if it rains and you've got to walk in it?

Even though you can get some awesome water resistant laptop bags, if I've got an expensive valuable laptop anywhere near water I'd give it all the protection I can…right?

A sleeve hugs your laptop, so you would really benefit from a water resistant – or waterproof – sleeve. What's the difference between them?

  • Water resistant – it will keep dry while it rains on your backpack and seeps through
  • Waterproof – it will keep dry when you drop the laptop and sleeve into a pool and it sinks

This is an affordable offering from Arvok and you can buy it in four different sizes. Just choose the option closest for your screen size.

There are three layers to this sleeve.

The exterior of the sleeve has a high density water resistant fabric that protects against splashes and small spills.

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In the middle layer a shockproof sponge material absorbs bumps and knocks, while the inside of the sleeve has soft plush padding that keeps your laptop scratch free.

A few accessories like charging cables and a small power pack can be stored inside the two large pockets that line the sides of the sleeve, or the zipper pocket that covers half of the sleeve's side.

The carrying handle can be retracted and stored inside the side pocket if you want. That means you can store it in your backpack or carry it by its self.

This is a simple laptop sleeve that will shield your laptop from minor bumps and scratches, but don't expect it to hold off a 4-foot drop.

You can check it out on Amazon here.

Lacdo 360 Protection Laptop Sleeve

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What it fits: Three sizes available:  13 – 13.3″  /  15″ /  15.6″ (choose your closest screen size)

You'll get a waterproof outer canvas fabric that looks modern and stylish but can repel water so you won't fry your laptop in light rain or when a drink gets splashed on it.

It's an Amazon choice product for it's high quality and affordable price.

You can see it's got some great pockets, a mixture of open deep areas and zipped contained pockets.

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The inside lining looks like something I would sleep on. It's like a fluffy furry shag rug mixed with clouds.

The pockets can hold pens, chargers, cables, power banks. They are useful but don't get in the way of the fashionable design and style.

You shouldn't be surprised that this laptop sleeve has over 3,000 reviews and 84% of them were 5-stars. It is available in 8 different colors, here's just a few:


Dark Black

Dark Blue

Most of the colors are grey, light grey, black and dark black (which is somehow darker than regular black?).

Check them all out. You can pick this laptop sleeve up from Amazon.

Qishare Dual Laptop Sleeve And Shoulder Bag

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You've got a great choice of colors with this laptop sleeve. It comes with a strap that you can attach with clips so you can carry the laptop sleeve over your shoulder. It's adjustable so you can set it to the perfect length.

It's more of a bag than a sleeve, but technically I guess it's a sleeve with a strap?

Either way, you've got the option to carry it both ways.

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The pockets are awesome. There's one large front zippered pocket and two side pockets that are closed by Velcro / hook and loop strips. You can fit things like an external mouse, the AC adapter for your laptop and a few cables comfortably.

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The ‘magic handle' can be pushed back into the side pockets if you don't need it or are using the shoulder strap. They call it magic and I think they're right.

They have seven colors for you to choose from. Check it out on Amazon here.

Tomtoc 360° Protective Laptop Sleeve

This is one of the higher priced sleeves I wanted to show you, but it's still totally affordable. It's also one of my favorite sleeves on the market today.

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This sleeve will keep your laptop protected against bumps, knocks and dings with it's patented CornerArmor design. It's a ultra thick and lightweight material that can absorb shocks before they reach your laptop

The inside pocket of the laptop sleeve is really well thought out.

Theres room for cables, chargers, headphones and more. One really nice feature is the addition of elastic band holders to keep your stuff from banging around inside the pocket.

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The zipper is no-snag and it's made with thick durable material that keeps your stuff secure. This bag even has material covering the zipper on the inside so it doesn't scratch your laptop.

The carrying handle can fold down completely flat to make carrying it in your backpack easy to slide in. It's a neat design and really well thought out.

You can check this laptop sleeve out on Amazon here.

Canvaslife Rose Waterproof Laptop Sleeve

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I had to include this one because it's the prettiest laptop sleeve that I could find while researching for this post.

It's also one of the only bags that used the word waterproof and not the lesser water resistant. 

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Even though the sleeve has thick canvas material to protect the laptop, it's still light and easy to carry. You wouldn't think it was considering how nicely designed it is.

The zip is thick and made of metal with the buckle also being heavy duty and metal. This bag is designed to be used.

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You'll get three useful pockets on the outside of the rose laptop sleeve. One large zippered pocket and two other large pockets that can hold a mouse, charger or cables.

It doesn't have an internal organizer like the Tomtoc 360, but it's not a deal breaker by any meals.

You can get this rose laptop sleeve from Amazon.

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