The 6 Best Laptop Webcam Covers To Keep Your Privacy Protected

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Almost all laptops on the market today have a built-in webcam. They're high quality and view a wide angle so that video messaging and photos are crisp and clear.

To check if your laptop has a webcam, check the frame of the screen.

It's usually located right in the middle of the top edge of your laptop like this

They're an awesome addition to have on a laptop, but unfortunately there have been instances where the laptop webcam was turned on and viewed by someone else – without you knowing or approving it.

This leaves a huge privacy issue.

My laptop has a web cam front and center.

If anyone were to access it, it would be really unnerving, especially as they'd see my beautiful face (and anything else) in crystal clear HD.

You can disable your webcam through system settings, but it's not very convenient or slick to do and i'm not sure if disabling it via software really gives me complete piece of mind that no one can spy on me while I work.

Thankfully,  someone though of a simple and cheap solution to this.

Webcam covers.

Webcam Cover

The idea here is that you'll attach a small  plastic piece over the webcam that slides back and forth over the webcam.

One way it completely blocks the webcam, the other way leaves the camera view open.

There's 100% chance your webcam will be blocked using these simple covers.

Even though I can disable the webcam through Window's system settings, having this physical webcam blocker really makes sure you're protected and gives you piece of mind.

On another note – you may have to disable the microphone for complete privacy.

Often webcams will broadcast audio when they are activated, so even if you had the webcam cover closed, someone could still hear what was going on.

There are many different versions of the webcam cover, but they all do the same job.

A Post-It Note has served me well on my desktop computer as a webcam blocker.

Check it out:

Stylish no? You can even change it out to your favorite color!

If you're wanting something a bit more professional – and I would on my laptop – you've got some great choices.

One issue I've seen is that modern laptops have such a small bezel – the area that surrounds the laptop screen – some webcam covers are too large.

You'll need an ultra slim webcam cover and it doesn't look like many of these are on the market right now.

Don't get confused between ultra slim and ultra thin. 

  • Ultra slim – the width is narrower (covers the camera without sticking out)
  • Ultra thin – the cover has a shallow depth (laptop will close properly)

The webcam cover should do three things well

  1. Completely block the camera lens
  2. Easy to tell if the camera is blocked or not
  3. Be removable without causing damage

I'll share with you the top webcam covers and you can choose the one you like the most.

P.s. – Here's a pack of Post It Notes on Amazon if you just want to go that route!

1. Elimoons Ultra Thin Webcam Cover

See On Amazon

These measure 0.6″ x 0.3″ and it's depth is a minuscule 0.023″.

To install them you get some adhesive strips to line the webcam cover up over the webcam its self.

The covers don't “latch” into each side of the slider, but there is enough friction to stop the cover sliding back and forth randomly when you are carrying your laptop.

There were a few reviews that mentioned that even with the small 0.3″ inch width, they were still too ‘fat' to attach to their laptop's webcam and not spill over the edge of the bezel.

This 3 pack is under $6 and the seller offers a money back guarantee if you aren't happy.

Check this out on Amazon here.

2. Multi-Color Coral Webcam Covers

See On Amazon

If you are shopping for webcam covers, you'll notice most of them look alike – even their dimension are the same.

These colorful webcam covers come in black, teal, fuchsia, white and coral pink. A grooved button makes sliding the cover back and forth easy and add a little bit of style to something that is pretty darn boring.

These covers would be perfect for the Macbook Pro line, Surface Pro, iPads and Android tablets and do not leave any sticky residue behind if you want to remove it.

Some notes about the reviews on these webcam covers. One person mentioned that this design is superior to others because the sliding mechanism is underneath the body.

Other webcam covers have the slider mechanism ontop which can catch and eventually come apart. This is more for when you use the camera covers on your phone going in and out of your pocket, but the less things to break the better.

This 4 pack is inexpensive at under ten bucks. The seller offers a money back guarantee if you aren't happy.

Check this out on Amazon here.

3. Supcase Pattern Webcam Covers (6-pk)

See On Amazon

If you're looking for something a bit more stylish, these webcam covers from Supcase might be just right. You'll get a six pack of covers – 3 large and 3 small – so you can cover and protect all your devices.

It's made from super durable ABS plastic and can be easily opened and closed with just one swipe. Being only 3mm deep, you shouldn't have any problem closing your laptop like normal.

There were a few reviews that mentioned that even with the small 0.3″ inch width, they were still too ‘fat' to attach to their laptop's webcam and not spill over the edge of the bezel.

This 6 pack has 122 reviews and more than 60% of them were 5-star.

Check it out on Amazon here.

4. Metal Ultra Thin Magnetic Webcam Cover

See On Amazon

These are the only metal webcam covers I could find to show you today.

They're nickel plated and use a magnetic slide mechanism to move the button shaped piece in front of your webcam.

It's super thin at only 0.022 inches and comes with 3M adhesive strips to secure it to your laptop.

If you have two spare webcam covers after protecting your laptop, you could use one on your phone, Amazon Echo/Echo Spot, tablet and more.

The seller has 24/7 customer support and are very responsive to customers.

This 3 pack is inexpensive and has many reviewers praising the quality and feel of the webcam cover.

Check this one out on Amazon here.

5. Panda Privacy Webcam Cover

See On Amazon

It's hard to find stylish webcam covers!

Most people want the webcam cover to blend in with the existing look of their laptop, but it's always fun to have some color.

This Panda 3-pack is made from durable ABS plastic and still keeps a thin profile. You shouldn't have any problem sliding the panda back and forth every day.

If you have a laptop with plastic around the webcam, these webcam covers will stick to it perfectly fine. Laptops with glass bezels are becoming more popular, but the panda webcam cover can work with either.

One concern I had was that the webcam cover could scratch the trackpad on your laptop when it's closed. Most laptop webcams will lie directly ontop of the track pad if you test it.

This webcam cover is thin enough where you'll not have to worry about that happening. It has smooth edges anyway.

Out of the 342 reviews, more than 60% of them were 5-star. If you love a bit of fun you can check this webcam cover out on Amazon here.

6. Spy-Fy SpySlide Webcam Cover

See On Best Buy

This webcam cover from Best Buy and Spy-Fy is a simple way to guarantee your webcam won't see anything if someone tries to hack your laptop.

It easily slides open and closed so you don't have to use that post-it note any more, but it's thin enough where you can still close your laptop and not worry about scratches.

It's nice to see a stainless steel webcam cover, most of the ones I've covered were ABS plastic – that's very durable  – but perhaps not exactly stylish like this.

The Spy-Fy SpySlide webcam cover is a great choice for webcam privacy and will add a little more style with it's compact stainless steel design.

It's under $10 bucks from Best Buy here.

No matter which webcam cover you choose, they all do a pretty good job of blocking the webcam while staying out of the way and not interfering when closing a laptop.

If you have a newer laptop with a super thin bezel, you might be hard pressed to find a slim enough webcam cover that doesn't hang over the edges of the screen a bit.

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