The 5 Best Laptop Number Pads For Quick Data Entry

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Laptops are super convenient and ultra portable. They've really made it easy to take your work with you.

One thing that can quickly become an annoyance though is not having a 10-key number pad on the side of the keyboard like desktop computers.

Good news though!

You can get keypads that plug into your laptop's USB port – the same port you'd use to plug in a mouse or USB drive.

They are usually inexpensive and run between twenty and thirty bucks.

Using a plugin keypad means you can connect it anytime you want. You still get the space saved from not having the keys on your laptop keyboard, but then you'll have the convenience of a full sized keypad when you need it.

Punching in numbers using the horizontal number bar can get old pretty fast if you have a mountain of data processing to do.

So let's get to it.

These are the best reviewed and rated USB numeric keypads for your laptop.

Jelly Comb Full Size Slim USB Keypad

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Love the color!

This is full sized 19-key keypad with big print font and responsive 19mm buttons.

You won't have to configure anything to use it, just plug in the USB cord to your laptop and you are good to go!

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It has a slight tilt to the keypad for easier typing over longer periods and the keys – even though they look a bit clunky – are quiet to press.

It runs off the USB connection and you won't need any extra batteries to power it up.

Check this out on Amazon here.

Jelly Comb Wireless USB 22 Key Number Pad

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This USB keypad is also from Jelly Comb, who seem to make awesome laptop accessories.

A more professional look than the previous numeric keypad, you get 22 keys and wireless connection so you won't have an extra cable to worry about.

It does need a AAA battery, but its power drain is small and should last you a while before it needs to be replaced.

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The keys are soft touch and have a scissor mechanism which makes them gentle and smooth. You'll be able to just plug this keypad into your laptop straight away (as long as you have the AAA battery).

It won't take any configuration.

ABS plastic makes up the majority of the keypad so it'll be durable and last and a slight tilt helps give the keypad an ergonomic appeal.

Out of 290+ ratings, more than 70% of them were 5-star.

Check this out on Amazon here.

Jelly Comb Bluetooth Wireless Numeric Keypad

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Man, you have to give it to Jelly Comb. They've got the top three numeric keypads on the market right now.

This is their Bluetooth keypad that's wire free and ready to punch in some numbers.

It's got a rechargeable 350mAh internal battery so you won't need to burn through disposable batteries. You can use your USB port on your laptop to charge it with a USB-A to Micro USB cable.

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The keys are similar to the previous two Jelly Comb numeric keypads I've shown you. They have the smooth scissor like mechanical action and quiet key presses.

The keys still feel responsive and not mushy at all.

Check this out on Amazon here.

SVZIOOG Wireless USB 19 Key Keypad

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Maybe you're looking for something a little more basic and affordable, but still easily usable for extended data inputting.

Try this 19 key offering from SVZIOOG. (how do you pronounce that?)

I'm not really sure how to pronounce that, but what I do know is that out of 160+ reviews, more than 70% of people gave it a 5-star rating.

Can't argue at that.

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One unique feature of this keypad is that it's splash proof. If you accidentally dump your lunch soda or tea on your desk and this keypad takes the brunt of it – don't worry about it.

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This numeric keypad for your laptop is super affordable – well under fifteen bucks,

One feature I noticed that could really make a difference if you input numbers a lot – you get a triple zero button (to the right of the 0 key) – so entering in thousands takes two less presses.

You can't really go wrong with this one.

Check this out on Amazon here.

Backlit Waterproof 19 Key Keypad By SurnQiee

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If you've used a backlit keyboard before, it's a whole new typing experience.

You can find keys quicker and get more done.

Plus, it just looks awesome.

This last keypad I want to show you is not only back lit, but it has three color choices – blue, red and purple. Check it out..

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And if that wasn't enough this USB laptop keypad is not only splashproof, it's waterproof

SurnQiee – the manufacturers – have even gone to the extent of adding drain holes to the bottom case of the keypad so liquid has a place to go.

Nuts right?

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Even though it's back lit and waterproof, you don't need any extra power to make this keypad work with your laptop.

Just plug in the USB cable and you're in business. No drivers or difficult settings to adjust.

If you were wondering how you can change the back lit colors, all you have to do is press the Tab and Backspace buttons at the same time that are located at the top of the keypad.

After all this, you're going to be surprised at the price. To see today's price on Amazon you can check it out here.

I'm confident that you'll find the right laptop number pad in any one of the options I've shown you today.

Out of the five, I would recommend the Jelly Comb Wireless USB 22 Key Number Pad.

It's sleek, professional, ergonomic and wireless so you can still enjoy the freedom of your laptop and no clutter.

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